Crime Time is a page for people to access information and updates on the latest news and stories about Crime in NSW.

Crime Time gives the reader a look into the professional life of a criminal lawyer Craig Borg of Borg Lawyers, his trials and tribulations, his exploits and insights as he acts for clients and appears before the courts of New South Wales.

Craig is a senior criminal lawyer with more than 15 years of experience having practice in the jurisdictions of both NSW and Victoria. Craig has represented thousands of clients over that time, from CEO’s of major corporations, to well known media personalities, from high profile sportsman to your average man in the street.

Craig’s competitive nature in court may be attributed to his sporting background. Craig ‘many moons ago’ played rugby league for the Cronulla Sharks, St George Dragons and Illawarra Steelers clubs.

Via Crime Time, Craig will outline his insight into criminal issues that may face the everyday reader, from the assaults to drink drive, from fraud to drug related offences. Additionally, Craig will comment on current criminal law related issues and topics, to give the reader a professional opinion, for their consideration.

Craig in his professional life acts for clients who are charged with a whole range of criminal offences and will discuss many of these as he takes you into the workings of the criminal justice system in NSW and more specifically the real life world of the criminal lawyer.

Craig will of course provide this insight whilst protecting the anonymity of his clients and associates, the most important people in his professional life.